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Backup Drive

Backup Drive Solutions from http://www.pocketec.net. Storage Drives for networked file sharing.

Backup Drive News and articles about External Hard Drive.

Using a Backing up Storage Disk is one of the simplest and most convenient methods for providing portable storage solution. There is nothing worse than the loss of important data, and help isn't always easy to find. Take control of your data and back it up onsite with one of our many portable storage products.

Backup Drive Tips

Whether your concern is backing up daily business records or storing your 40 gigs of mp3s on a portable disk, pocketec has a solution for your backup needs. A myriad of needs can be met by our usb drives - the datastor ultra and pro series, as well as the datastor mini, and even our thumb drive. Each of these will fit in the palm of your hand, and the thumb is only 2x2. Best of all, each harddrive utilizes spinning hard drive technology as opposed to flash memory, which helps make our product an affordable way to achieve large storage capacities with maximum portability. Our drives are compatible over multiple platforms, whether you run windows, macintosh or linux operating systems. Also, each harddrive is completely bus powered, eliminating your need for batteries or ac adaptors, and they are all plug and play for ease of use. Copying your most vital data has never been quieter, either, as our drives utilize fluid dynamic bearing motors for a silent copy process.

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Backup Drive