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Backup Drives

Backup Drives Solutions from http://www.pocketec.net. PockeTec has greatly expanded its line of small external hard drives with large capacities, fast transfer rates and small footprints.

Backup Drives News and articles about USB External Hard Drives.

Backing up Storage Disks are one of the most convenient tools you can utilize in your data maintenance routine. Pocketec offers many solutions to your info storage dilemmas, whether you choose our datastor ultra, pro or mini series harddrives. Usb technology provides for quick copying of information, as well as ease of portability, since each drive is bus powered, eliminating the need for power adaptors or batteries.

Backup Drives Tips

Each disk is presented with a tiny footprint, allowing you to place your backup in the palm of your hand, or even your pocket. Whether you need to copy daily sales records or if you just want to have a backup copy of your family photos, pocketec's disk drives are a powerful way to save your information in an external location. These disks are compatible with multiple platforms, so you can use them on your linux, macintosh or windows configurations, and many operating systems will not require additional drivers for plug and play utility. While our drives utilize usb 2. 0 technology, they are also backwards compatible with usb 1. 1, for ease of use with cross-platform file sharing and copying. Helping to make these powerful harddrives more affordable is their use of harddrive spinning technology instead of expensive flash memory.

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Backup Drives