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Backup Hard Drive

Backup Hard Drive Solutions from http://www.pocketec.net. The DataStor is compatible with laptops and desktops, PC/Mac/Linux, so cross-platform file sharing is a breeze.

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A simple solution to your information storage needs is a Backup Drives. Pocketec is proud to offer several different options to data storage problems in a variety of drive sizes, whether you choose a disk from our datastor ultra, pro or mini series. Portability is often an integral aspect of any potential solution, and while keychain and pen drives are smart for small bits of data, larger products often have to sacrifice the portable aspect.

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However, each of our drives will fit in the palm of your hand, or even into your pocket. Best of all, by utilizing usb technology, they are able to copy files at great speeds without having to sacrifice space or power outlets. Each drive's power is provided by your computer itself, so you don't need costly batteries or bulky power adaptors. Also, our disks employ hard drive spinning technology instead of expensive flash memory, allowing you to attain a sizable storage disk at an affordable price. Copying your vital information has never been more hassle-free, either, as our harddrives are compatible over multiple platforms (windows, macintosh and linux) and utilize plug and play technology. Many operating systems do not even require a driver before you start backing up your data. Cross platform swapping becomes a breeze as well. Whether you need to make daily backups of company information or if you just want to be able to back up your gigs of family photos, an external back up drive is a wise choice.

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Backup Hard Drive