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Backup Hard Drives

Backup Hard Drives Solutions from http://www.pocketec.net. PockeTec offers Firewire portable drives, Usb 2.0 external firewire hard drive storage solutions with pockey, datastor, fotostor, and videostor.

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smallest back up disc are a powerful answer to the question of how to back up your essential information. Pocketec provides a number of external usb disks to solve your backup storage problems in an affordable and portable package. Each drive we offer, whether from the datastor ultra, pro or mini series, comes with a tiny footprint for maximum portability but with power that can't be found in a normal keychain or pen drive.


Backup Hard Drives Tips

Though they are small, they utilize hard drive spinning technology rather than spendy flash memory, making a mobile storage solution a possibility, and an affordable one at that. Each drive's power is provided by your own computer, doing away with the need for pricy batteries or bulky power adaptors. Plug and play compatibility only adds to the ease, and drivers are not necessary for many operating systems. These hard drives are also compatible with multiple platforms, so use them on your linux, macintosh or windows computers or even swap across platforms. Backing up your essential data couldn't be much easier, and with a drive that fits in the palm of your hand (or wherever else you need to store it), mobility and portability are maximized for your convenience. The usb technology is backward compatible, so it works with usb 1. 1 or 2. 0. These drives also provide massive storage capacity in several different gig configurations. Whether compiling daily backups from multiple computers or just backing up your mp3 files, an external backup drive is a wise and convenient purchase allowing you to store, copy and back up all your vital data and info.

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Backup Hard Drives