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External Drives

External Drives Solutions from http://www.pocketec.net. Storage Pen Drives are affordable and easy to use for network file sharing.

External Drives News and articles about Portable USB Hard Drives.

Portable are powerful and useful tools for providing data storage and backups. At pocketec we offer a variety of usb disks, whether you need 20gb, 40gb, 80gb or even 100gb of space for your files. Unlike other externals, our drives offer maximum portability, due to the fact that they are bus-powered, eliminating the need for costly batteries or space-limiting power adaptors.


External Drives Tips

Also, they offer hard drive spinning technology in a size usually relegated to expensive flash memory, which allows a maximum storage capacity in a minute footprint, so that you can put your storage in the palm of your hand. Our externals also are compatible across multiple platforms, whether you use windows, macintosh or linux, and most of these operating systems do not require additional drivers to be installed, allowing ultimate ease of cross-platform swapping with plug and play technology outside of your computer. If you are copying and backing up data on multiple business pcs, your only option is a drive on the exterior of your machine, so usb harddrives provide the utmost convenience at affordable prices. Each usb hard disk we offer is backwards compatible with usb 1. 1 as well as 2. 0, so they can be used on each of those business pcs.

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External Drives