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External Hard Disk

External Hard Disk Solutions from http://www.pocketec.net. PockeTec USB External and Portable Pen Drives, Thumb Drives, and Jump Drives. Take all your data with you wherever you go.

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The best choice you can make for portable file storage is an Portable Data Disc. Pocketec is happy to offer several different styles of usb drives in a variety of storage capacities, whether you need 20gb, 40gb or 100gb, each of which feature a tiny footprint for maximum mobility. These drives utilize usb 2.

External Hard Disk Tips

0 technology that is backwards compatible with usb 1. 1, providing for the ultimate ease in cross-platform or pc file swapping. Also, our drives work over multiple platforms, whether you use linux, windows or macintosh, and with many operating systems you don't even need to install additional drivers. Our 2. 5 hdd by datastor is available in ultra or pro series, and we offer a 1. 8 hdd mini, also by datastor. Each comes with a deluxe carrying case, which helps to protect your disk as you transport it wherever you need it to go. Also, each hard drive we offer is self-sufficient on most systems, as your drive's power will come from your computer itself - they're bus-powered. This adds to mobility and affordability, as it gets rid of the need for spendy batteries or bulky power supplies. These drives are hi speed, and utilize harddrive spinning technology rather than high-priced flash memory. No matter the reason that you need to keep your files outside of your pc, whether it's a daily backup copy of your client information and files or just personal copies of family photos, an external hard drive from pocketec is more than ample to serve your needs.

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External Hard Disk