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External Hard Drive

EExternal Hard Drive Solutions from http://www.pocketec.net. PockeTec is a leading provider of external hard drive products enabling you to store and manage data on magnetic discs.

External Hard Drive News and articles about USB2 External Hard Drives.

An Portable Portable disk drives is a great solution to the problem of file storage on the exterior of your pc. Daily backups of business records and personal copies of photo and video files both require a place to be stored outside of your computer. Additionally, swapping these files from computer to computer, or just from your laptop to your desktop requires a portable, external option.


External Hard Drive Tips

Pocketec is happy to offer a variety of styles and sizes of usb 2. 0 external drives, whether you need 20g, 40g, or even 100gb of storage space. Each hard disk we offer utilizes usb 2. 0 technology that is backwards compatible with usb 1. 1, and they work over multiple platforms (windows, macintosh and linux). If you need to swap files between computers, this is your best buy. The tiny footprint of our mobile disk drives helps to make backing up hassle-free, and since these drives are bus-powered, you don't even need the bulky power adaptor and you don't have to worry about charging a pricy battery. Simply grab the disk, which will fit in the palm of your hand, by the way, and go copy your data. Whether your needs are best met by a datastor ultra, pro or mini, or even the new thumb drives, pocketec can provide you with the external backup solution you need for file storage. We also provide affordable options, since each drive we offer features hard disk spinning technology instead of pricey flash memory. Ultimate mobility and portability, massive storage capacity, and cross-platform technology all add to the value of our externals.

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External Hard Drive