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External Hard Drives

External Hard Drives Solutions from http://www.pocketec.net. PockeTec Thumb Drives and Jump Drive backup solutions.

External Hard Drives News and articles about Keychain Drive.

Portable disc drives are a great way to add power to your file storage set-up. They offer maximum mobility and portability, impressive storage capacity and cross-platform compatibility, which make for an extremely viable solution to data backup needs. Pocketec offers hard disks from datastor in ultra, pro and mini lines, available in many different capacities, whether you only need 20gb, 40gb, or if you need even 100gb of space.


External Hard Drives Tips

Our drives are extremely portable, given that they are not only external, but they are completely buslink powered on most computers, eliminating the need for costly batteries or bulky power cords. Also, each external disk we carry will fit in the palm of your hand, for maximum mobility. These disks are also plug and play compatible with most operating systems, and they are operational over multi-platforms, so use them with your linux, macintosh or windows installation. They also utilize usb 2. 0 technology but are backwards compatible with usb 1. 1, so cross platform file swapping couldn't be easier or faster. Each model we offer is housed in an attractive enclosure and comes with a deluxe carrying case, making it simple to take your disk on the go. Get more for your money with our datastor models, since they employ harddrive spinning technology instead of pricy flash memory. Whether you need to perform daily backups from multiple workstations or if you just want to copy your personal files between your laptop and your desktop, pocketec is sure to have the external drive for you.

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External Hard Drives