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External USB Hard Drive

External USB Hard Drive Solutions from http://www.pocketec.net. Integrated USB solid state drives from PockeTec, the Smallest USB hard drives the size of your thumb for quick data storage.

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An Portable USB2 is an essential part of any successful file storage set-up. These external disks combine massive storage capacity with ultimate mobility and portability to provide a practical solution to the problems we all face when storing and backing up data. Pocketec is happy to offer a variety of externals from datastor, in the ultra, pro and mini lines, as well as our upcoming datastor thumb drive.



External USB Hard Drive Tips

Each model we offer is presented in an attractive enclosure and comes with a deluxe carrying case. These lines are all available in a variety of capacity sizes, including 20gb, 40gb and even 100gb. Once you choose your line and size, installation couldn't be easier. Our drives operate over multiple platforms, whether you have a mac, linux or windows operating system, so you can be confident that our datastor drives will work on your current operating system installations, and on many installations they operate as plug and play, so you won't even need to install an additional driver. Even better, each model is bus-powered on most computers, rendering unreliable batteries and unwieldy power adaptors unnecessary. Your drive will get its power from your computer itself, via its usb cable. If you need to swap files between multiple computers, keep in mind that while our drives employ usb 2. 0 technology, they are all backwards compatible with usb 1. 1. Copying, backing up and storing files shouldn't be difficult, and externals like our datastor models make it easy and cost-effective. Our drives utilize harddisk spinning technology instead of expensive flash memory, making the purchase of a pocketec drive an economical purchase. Whether you need to provide additional storage for your laptop or if you need to make daily backup copies of business and client information, browse the pocketec catalog to find your perfect external storage solution.

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External USB Hard Drive