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Pen Drives

Pen Drives Solutions from http://www.pocketec.net. PockeTec USB External and Portable Pen Drives, Thumb Drives, and Jump Drives. Take all your data with you wherever you go.

Pen Drives News and articles about Removable Hard Drives.

PenDrive are one of the most convenient data storage devices you can add to your file maintenance routine. They are small, removable, and affordable. Normally, though, they use flash memory sticks, which make it expensive to obtain a sizable amount of memory, and the max is usually something like 64mb, 128mb or 512mb.


Pen Drives Tips

At pocketec, we offer datastor usb external hard disks with 20g, 40g, 80gb and 100gb of storage space, yet these drives still are able to fit in the palm of your hand. More space doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the tiny footprint. Also like traditional pendrives or keychain drives, our harddisks are multiplatform compatible (windows, macintosh and linux), and most operating systems allow the disks to be plug and play compatible (eliminating additional drivers) and completely bus-powered (eliminating batteries and power cords). As a result, portable data storage has never been simpler. Each drive is encased in an attractive enclosure and comes with a deluxe carrying case, which simply adds to the mobility of the device. No matter what you need to copy or backup, you can find the solution in our datastor ultra, pro or mini series, or even our upcoming datastor thumb drives.

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