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Portable Drive

Portable Drive Solutions from http://www.pocketec.net. Storage Drives for networked file sharing.

Portable Drive News and articles about USB External Hard Drive.

A External Disk is an extremely practical way to solve your data storage problems. Keeping a backup of your vital data on a removable disk outside of your computer adds another dimension to the stability of your files. Pocketec is happy to offer a variety of external hard drives by datastor, in the ultra, pro and mini lines, as well as our upcoming thumbdrive.

Portable Drive Tips

Why settle for 64mb, 128mb or 512mb when you can have 20gb to 100gb for a similar cost? Our usb externals employ harddisk spinning technology to allow you massive storage capacity at a more reasonable cost than pricy flash memory sticks, but they still function the same as a traditional pen, keychain or jump drive. In fact, expect the same portability and mobility, since each model we offer will fit in the palm of your hand, and on most operating systems they are completely buslink powered, so no battery or power adaptor is necessary. They are also cross-platform compatible, so you can use them on the windows, linux and macintosh computers on your network, and on many operating systems they are plug and play so no drive installation is required. Storing data and swapping files have never been easier.

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Portable Drive