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Removable Hard Drive

Removable Hard Drive Solutions from http://www.pocketec.net. PockeTek also offers usb 2.0 external hard drives, and firewire portable backup storage solutions.

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More and more people are turning to the External Data Disk as the solution to their data storage needs. In previous years, time consuming development of hot swap software was the only way to achieve large storage capacities with the ease of portability. Now, however, hot swapping is not necessary, as pocketec and datastor offer external hard drives in 20gb, 40gb, 80gb and even 300gb storage capacities.


Removable Hard Drive Tips

Because they are usb drives, they operate independently of your ide drives. Our disks utilize harddrive spinning technology to achieve these large amounts of file space, providing an inexpensive alternative to costly flash memory stick drives. Due to these drives extreme mobility and portability, you dont even have to worry about whether you have a free bay in your machine. Simply plug your datastor ultra, pro, mini or thumbdrive into your usb port and start copying. Adding to portability is the fact that on most operating systems these models are completely buslink powered, eliminating the need for batteries or power adaptors. Even better theyre cross-platform compatible, whether you have linux, windows or macintosh machines on your network, so swapping large amounts of data throughout your network is easy as pie. In fact, on most operating systems these disks operate as plug and play, so you dont even need to worry about installing drivers. They are available with 5400rpm and 7200rpm, and a transfer rate of up to 60mb/s. Whether you only want to back up your personal mp3 files or if you need to transfer large amounts of project data between computers on your network, pocketecs datastor hard drives will meet your demands.

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Removable Hard Drive