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Removable Hard Drives

Removable Hard Drives Solutions from http://www.pocketec.net. PockeTec is a leading provider of external hard drive products enabling you to store and manage data on magnetic discs.

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External Data Disks are rapidly becoming a popular supplement to ide devices in data storage systems. The massive storage capacity coupled with the ultimate in portability and mobility makes solving every problem along your network a breeze. Pocketec is happy to offer several models of hard disk from datastor, in the ultra, pro, mini and upcoming thumbdrive lines.


Removable Hard Drives Tips

These disk drives offer a unique approach to data storage you get the same file space, ease of use and transfer rate as a traditional ide hdd, but you dont have to worry about hot swapping software, extra bays in your case, or even the space taken up by traditional externals ours each can fit into the palm of your hand. Our models employ harddisk spinning technology, providing an inexpensive alternative to costly flash memory drives. In fact, you can purchase our lines with 20gb, 40gb, 80gb or even 100gb of storage space for the price you would buy a smaller flash style drive. On most machines they are completely buslink powered, so you dont have to deal with batteries or power cords. They are extremely cross-platform functional, working on any machine with a windows, linux, or macintosh operating system, and even functioning as plug and play on most. While they are usb 2. 0 compliant, they are also backwards compatible with usb 1. 1, so they work anywhere theres a usb port. It doesnt matter whether you need to keep a backup of your personal computer data or if you are more concerned with swapping large project files between computers on a business network, pocketec has the model to suit your needs.

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Removable Hard Drives