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USB Pen Drives

USB Pen Drives Solutions from http://www.pocketec.net. PockeTec offers PC backup solutions with USB2 Pen Drives and USB Flash Drives.

USB Pen Drives News and articles about External Drive.

USB2 PenDrives have long been used as supplements to digital file storage and maintenance routines. The ease of use they supply is fantastic you can take them from computer to computer, regardless of operating system, they dont need any peripheral devices, and you can throw them into your pocket.


USB Pen Drives Tips

Portability, mobility, adaptability and convenience are all great features of the pen drive. However, where they suffer is in storage capacity it is easy to find them in 128mb, 256mb and 512mb sizes you can even find a 1. 0gb or 2. 0gb, although those can become pricy. Pocketec and datastor have the alternative. Our datastor ultra, pro and mini lines of hard drives offer the same portable, removable, adaptable, tiny storage device, but ours are available with 20gb, 40gb, 80gb and even 100gb of data storage space. Because they utilize hard disk spinning technology, they can offer this massive storage capacity at a price more reasonable than a comparable disk using flash memory. They are adaptable, as they function over multiple platforms, including windows, linux and macintosh operating systems, and on most machines they are not only completely buslink powered (so you dont need batteries or power cords) but also plug and play, eliminating the need for additional drivers. This has been available in traditional external hdds, but now with our datastor models you can get this massive storage capacity with all of the ease of functionality without sacrificing the tiny size. The footprint on our drives is so small that you can fit them into the palm of your hand.

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USB Pen Drives