POCKETEC® has received an enthusiastic reception from many of the industry's top journalists and product reviewers. Read why the DataStor® is the BEST solution in portable storage!

"Our top choice... the DataStor is a smart buy!"

"It grabbed all four FireWire drives we tested last month, cumpled them up, and flushed them down the john, to put it bluntly."
- Maximum PC Magazine

"...a new generation of super-portable hard drives that can fit in a shirt pocket. Leading the pack is the [DataStor]...
- San Francisco Chronicle

"...the big daddy of very portable storage..."
- San Francisco Chronicle

"Our top pick... offers tremendous storage capacity at a very low price."
- Los Angeles Times

"Bottom line: Some of the cheapest portable storage we've seen yet."
- The Washington Post

"...fans of miniaturization will find carrying around the equivalent of 1.25 million double-spaced, typewritten pages in a shirt pocket to be endlessly appealing."
- The New York Times

"I have the future sitting on my desk."
- Los Angeles Times

"...installs like a charm... excellent values."
- PC World

"...you don't have to drag around an AC adapter... plenty fast for most chores."
- CNET Computers.com